Download the Circle 1st generation app

The Circle 1st generation app works with the Circle with Disney device and supported NETGEAR routers.

Not compatible with the Circle Home Plus device.


Time Limits Time Limits

Limit online time for individual apps, sites, categories, and even total time.

Pause Pause

The Internet now has a Pause button.

Filter Filter

Set online content Filters that match each family member’s age and interests.

BedTime BedTime

Make late-night scrolling a thing of the past.

OffTime OffTime

Schedule offline time in advance, so you can enjoy family time.

Rewards Rewards

Kids deserve a treat, so send them an online time Reward.

History History

Get a detailed breakdown of which sites were visited throughout the day.

Usage Usage

Compare time online today, last week, or months past.

Additional features

Safe Search

Safe Search defaults Google and Bing searches to remove explicit content from their results.

Every Device

Whether tablet, smart phone, or gaming console, Circle knows every device connected to your home network.

Guest Devices

Circle even recognizes when a guest joins your Wi-Fi. All new devices are set to be unmanaged until assigned to a profile.


Internet traffic is allowed to freely come and go from this device or site, and Circle won’t track any time spent.


Receive push notifications when a family member reaches a time limit or when a new device joins your network.

Choose your country or region