Set a BedTime

Nobody wants to nag their kids, but how else can you get them to unplug and sleep? Well, we solved it: when BedTime kicks in, devices say goodnight all on their own.

Set it and forget it.

Set a BedTime for each member of your family, and all their devices disconnect from the Internet until morning.

Different kids, different BedTime.

Every kid in your home can have a different BedTime. You can even set a BedTime for the adults, too!

Rise and shine.

Devices reconnect to the Internet in the morning at the preset “awake” time. Just like BedTime, you can customize what time devices wake up per Profile.

Give a little reminder.

When the kids try and surf the web during BedTime, they’re directed to their MyCircle page and gently reminded to go to bed.

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