With school out, there’s lots of time for family vacations, laying by the pool, or the occasional Netflix movie marathon. Here’s a few tips on how your family can use Circle to balance screen time & summer time!


Family Road Trip?

Before you head out this summer, be sure to add Circle to your packing list. You can pair Circle wherever the road takes you, be it Grandma’s, the beach house AirBnb or anywhere WiFi is available. This way, wherever you’re calling home this summer, you’ve got Circle.

Here’s how to pair Circle with a new WiFi network.


On the Go.

Summer time is perfect timing for Circle Go. Extend all your favorite features of Circle like Time Limits, Pause and Filters no matter where your kids and their devices go. Whether kids are at camp, or just down the street at their friend’s house, their mobile devices will be covered.

Get started using Circle Go with your family this Summer!


We’ve Got Company!

Who doesn’t love it when friends & family pack up and come visit you? Chances are when they arrive the first question they’ll ask is “What’s your Wi-Fi password?” As soon as your guests join your network, you’ll get a notification to your Circle Home app letting you know a new device has joined your network. Guests in your home will be assigned to the filter level for your home profile by default.

Here’s a little insight on how the Home Profile works when guests join your network.