Parents, It’s Time to Learn What Reddit Is

Reddit bills itself as “the front page of the internet,” and aims to be the starting place for all news and discussion happening across the world wide web. Eight percent of fourteen to seventeen year-old US teens are active users on Reddit – and that […]

Has Your Kid Ever Gone Down the Youtube Rabbit Hole?

Although YouTube has over a billion users, it is still one of the most widely blocked websites in the world. In most schools and places of business, YouTube is censored out and labeled as an unnecessary use of time and internet bandwidth. For reference, YouTube […]

Your Kids Need You at the Dinner Table

I get it. I get why you want to use your phone at the table. I haven’t eaten in peace since 2006. I get it. The kids get home hungry. They grow increasingly hungry the entire time you are cooking. You know this because one […]

If You Like Your Phone So Much Why Don’t You Marry It?

I tell myself I’m not addicted. I can quit anytime I want. This thing doesn’t have any power over me. I’m a strong and confident woman and I can do anything I put my mind to. I whisper these encouraging words to myself as I […]

Start Your Kids on a Screen Diet

Remember reading about the prohibition era and the banning of alcohol? The Eighteen Amendment was supposed to put an end to alcoholism and cure all kinds of social ills, but instead created an underground economy, Al Capone, and NASCAR; or how about the Kudzu vine […]

7 Personal Stories on YouTube to Inspire Your Kids

We’re big fans of the YouTube channel, Great Big Story! They’ve done a really awesome job at capturing some phenomenal stories about culture and people. We’ve collected a handful of their inspiring personal stories that you and your kids can watch together 👍   The Youngest Female […]

5 Apps to Introduce Your Kids to Coding

1 // Hopscotch A wonderful app to help your child think like a programmer. The simple drag and drop method is user friendly and at any sequence or command your child can press play to check and see if the program worked the way she […]

Should Teens Sleep With Cellphones in Their Rooms? (Answer: No)

When it comes to sleep the deck is already stacked against the teenager. A circadian rhythm is a 24-hour cycle in the physiological process of all living things; it determines when certain biological activities will take place (hormone production, cell regeneration, sleep, etc.). The typical […]

5 Vacations Parents Want Their Kids to Take

Where’s your next family vacation taking you? We searched for cities that would be fun, educational and practical for the whole family to enjoy! Orlando One of the leading tourist destinations in the world, Orlando is a short distance from Disney World, Universal Studios, and […]