We hear from families that are using Circle in their home all the time! It’s easily the highlight of what we get to do here at Circle.

Recently we gave families the opportunity to send us a video sharing what they love about Circle, and here’s what they had to say… 😊

Some of our favorite comments 👍

Here at Circle we do our best to share what families say with our whole team as we work on various aspects of Circle. It keeps us focused on what’s important, what new features or improvements families want,, and it keeps us encouraged about the work we’re doing too!

This summer we collected a few of our favorite emails, posts, tweets and reviews and wanted to share them with you!


“Our daughter is sleeping sooooo much better now than the beginning of the summer. We did have to pull her from being able to charge her phone in her room at night and it was Circle that showed us why she wasn’t sleeping (though we already knew; the future lawyer needed evidence of her usage! 😂)”
— Angela H.


“I use this product religiously! It has in no time flat alleviated stress filled device collections at night. With a simple poof, internet be gone, go to bed 😉
Blayne G.


“‎The best words just came out of my teen’s mouth! He said, “I have finished putting away my clothes. Can you unpause me now?” Woo Hoo! Chores are finished without nagging. He is motivated to finish in order to be able to use his electronics. Thanks Circle!”
 — Lisa L.


“I love my Circle! I came home from work yesterday and it was unplugged, but still running off battery power of course. My son said, “Oh, the cat knocked it over and it fell.” RIGHT. A few minutes later, I got a notification that “Your Circle needs some attention.” I plugged it back in. NICE TRY, KIDDO!”
 — Ingrid G.


“I love my circle!!!! It is amazing simple to install – literally I just plugged it in!!! It puts time limits on and you can actually set bed times so kids aren’t up late on devices!! At first my kids tried to argue- but it shows the exact amount of allowed time and they can’t deny it!!! It is. Life. changing. Amazing.”
— Jeannine T.


“We have that issue with both computer and Xbox. We had issues the first couple of days, but my boys seem to have figured out how to make it fair themselves as far as sharing the time. I did tell them if they argued about it, I would reduce the time limit for both of them. I haven’t heard any arguing at all though.”
 — Stephanie F.


“I’m a working mom up to my eyeballs who can’t keep an eye on them every minute, especially when I travel. I’m grateful for a solution like circle.”
— Julie F.


“Being a single mom of three kids 10, 12, and 14, the circle has made managing all of their mobile platforms a piece of cake! And they don’t get mad at me anymore, they take it out on Steve (they named the circle). Thank you for making my life easier!”
— Sarah R.


“I’m a day one early adopter. Worth every cent.”
— Ron Q.


“Just installed Circle last night using a Samsung Galaxy 7, so far I’m satisfied. Installation was very easy.”
 — Denise D.


“‎This is the best device to control your family internet usage. Hands down Disney made this so easy to use. This will revolutionize internet usage in your household.”
 — Jason B.

Thank You!

We say it over and over again, but we wouldn’t be where we are today without the incredible families sharing about the impact Circle has had on how they manage devices, spend time together, and keep family at the center of what’s important.

Thank you for telling your friends, thank you for sharing on Facebook, and thank you for the reviews you leave about Circle! Every little bit helps us!
Truly, from our whole team, thank you!