101 Things to Do This Summer: A Digital Checklist

June 08, 2021

Lean into ways that will bring family together in a meaningful way, online and off.

First, adjust your screen time rules for the summer months:

Arts and crafts:

Get moving!

  1. Go for a nightly walk with flashlights in tow.

  2. Fly a kite.

  3. Take a break from the heat and go bowling.

  4. Go geocaching.

  5. Wash the car(s) together.

  6. Have kids choose a new house chore they’d like to do.

  7. Organize a photo scavenger hunt while walking around the neighborhood (spot an animal-shaped cloud, a bee pollinating, a shadow, a rainbow of flowers, etc.).

  8. Take a family bike ride to a local ice cream shop.

  9. During a family hike, stop every 15 minutes, photograph the surroundings, compare snapshots at the end.

  10. Practice yoga.

  11. Have a water balloon “fight.”

  12. Boost that cardio.

  13. Plan a swim day at a local pool, lake, or beach.

  14. Run through the sprinklers.

  15. Fine tune those soccer skills with a family match.

  16. Challenge kids to create an obstacle course.

Reading and writing activities:

Let the music play!

Acquire a new skill:

Who said learning isn’t fun?

Field trip!

And if that’s not enough: