10 Dos and Don’ts of Success With Screen Time for Kids

Help Kids Establish Good Habits Toward Self-Managing Their Own Screen Time With These 10 Tips

How Much Screen Time Is Right for Kids?

  • For kids under age two, avoid screen time except for video-chatting.
  • For young children ages two to five, limit screen time to under an hour a day of high-quality programming viewed with a parent or caregiver.
  • For older children age six and up, limit kids’ screen time to two hours or less per day, not including homework.

DO state your values as a family

DON’T exclude kids from the rules convo

DO say positives about screen time

Three boys looking at a phone

DON’T rush the phone thing

DO bond over tech

DON’T tempt them with a digital “cookie”

DO give them plenty of offline options

Father and son reading a book together

DON’T dismiss warning signals

DO lead by example