How to Use Circle for YouTube Parental Controls

April  5, 2022

Circle utilizes YouTube’s Restricted Mode and Google’s SafeSearch to keep your kids safe from inappropriate video content.

What Are YouTube Restricted Mode and Google SafeSearch?

How YouTube’s Restricted Mode and Google’s SafeSearch Work

How to Set Parental Controls with YouTube's Restricted Mode and Circle

What happens when Circle is enforcing Restricted Mode and SafeSearch?

  • When YouTube's Restricted Mode is enforced by Circle on a device, you won’t be able to load live streams or comments on videos from YouTube. YouTube put this in place to ensure only kid-friendly material is served.
  • Enabling SafeSearch disables access to
  • SafeSearch and Restricted Mode are enforced at the network-level for all in-home devices managed by Circle or by using the “Set Up as Circle kid” option with VPN installed for mobile devices away from home once enabled.

How to make sure YouTube parental controls are working

1. Do you have the right device?

2. Check the profile's settings.

3. Give it a few minutes.

4. Try unmanaging network devices and check your connection.

Allow YouTube during only certain days or times

The beauty of managing YouTube through Circle’s parental controls is that you can adjust it’s availability whenever you want in just a few taps of your phone.

Without Circle, how do you set up Restricted Mode and SafeSearch?

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