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One easy-to-use app to manage screen time on your family’s mobile devices.

Filter content and set time limits on your kids’ mobile phones and tablets with the Circle Parental Controls app. Anywhere. Anytime.

$99/year ($119 value)

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Customize settings for each member of your family.


Set time limits for individual sites, platforms or games, such as TikTok or Fortnite.


Filters allow you to closely manage apps, websites and restrict inappropriate content.


Monitor site history and compare usage. Discover new apps or websites you didn’t even know existed.

Manage every device, anywhere.

“My husband and I have tried numerous apps for parental controls on our children’s devices and this one is, by far, the best! It is easy to set up, to navigate, and (my favorite) to turn off devices when one of my lovely ducklings are in trouble. I highly recommend this product to parents everywhere!”
“Circle has empowered us (parents) to be informed of our son's internet use across several devices. This has allowed us to have open conversations about the influence of the devices/internet and the outcome of those influences. With Circle, we are able to set boundaries for our son which has reduced arguments and frustration for both.”
“I am SOOOO happy with this! It allows me to filter content, track and monitor phones home and away, pause internet if chores aren't done, set time limits. We haven't had one negative issue since purchasing 5 months ago.”


What types of devices can Circle manage?

When using only the Circle App, parents can manage online time and content on an unlimited number of their family’s mobile devices (iOS and Android smartphones and tablets).

Can Circle manage specific apps, like YouTube or Snapchat?

Yes, Circle can manage access and set time limits for popular sites and platforms, such as Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Fortnite, TikTok, and more.

How does Circle work on mobile devices?

Once a parent installs the Circle App on their child’s mobile device, all of Circle’s features apply to that device through a unique local VPN to manage and track online activity.

Subscribe to the Circle App for parental controls on any data or Wi-Fi network that your kids join.

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