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Manage your family’s mobile devices outside of the home and across all networks! Add a Circle Go subscription to your Circle Home or compatible NETGEAR router, and get started free for 30 days.

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Designed for kids on the go.

Ever wish you could manage your kids' devices wherever they went? Well, Circle Go takes everything you love about Circle and extends it to 4G LTE as well as any Wi-Fi network your kids join.

Manage content and time online anywhere.

Managing apps can be daunting - who knows what’s happening on social media or video streaming platforms? But with Circle Go, Filters and Time Limits keep time and content in check, even for apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Teenage life, distraction free.

Getting homework done in the digital age is no easy task. Wouldn't it be great if your kid’s smartphone could just take a break? Pause and OffTime work on 4G LTE with Circle Go, so you know your kids are getting a break.

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Never miss a beat.

Your kids will love checking the MyCircle dashboard to keep track of their time online. When they’ve finished their chores, send an online time Reward, so they can keep their priorities straight.

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No more late-night browsing.

Circle Go makes sure cell data doesn’t stop kids from getting a good night’s sleep. When BedTime starts, your kids and their Internet connection go to sleep. Yeah, we think that’s pretty cool, too!

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One complete picture.

How do kids spend time on their phones? Up until now, it's been any parent’s guess. But, with Usage and History, you can see how your kids spend time connected at home, at school, their friend’s house, and everywhere else!

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