How Circle Go® works

Circle Go takes all the Profile settings that you created for your family’s devices at home, and extends those features to every network on your family’s iOS and Android devices!

Circle on Every Network!

Circle Go uses a Virtual Private Network (or “VPN”) to manage all data coming and going from your family’s mobile devices. Since the VPN is stored directly on your device, you can join any network, and Circle will still apply your Filters, Time Limits, and every other Circle feature!

Circle Go Works with Circle Home & Circle on NETGEAR

If you already have a Circle at home, you can add Circle Go as a monthly subscription to take the same family management that you enjoy on your Wi-Fi to every network for up to 10 of your family’s mobile devices. Get started with a free 30-day trial!

We love privacy!

Circle never passes your personal information on to anybody but your family. Your Circle Home (or Circle on your NETGEAR router) stores all of your family settings and information locally, so nobody can access it, not even Circle HQ! Plus, the VPN on your family’s mobile devices is kept right on the device.

Get Started

Do you already have a Circle at home? Then let’s start your free trial of Circle Go!

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