Circle Home

The smart family device.

Manage every device on your existing home network. With Circle Home, parents can Filter content, put a Time Limit on screens, set a BedTime for every family member, and more.

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How it Works

Circle Home pairs with your Wi-Fi router and allows you to manage every device on the network. By keeping track of all Internet traffic in your home, everyone gets an online experience customized just for them.

Time Limits








Setting Time Limits has never been easier.

Imagine if you never had to ask your kid to get off social media for the day, or if your family’s online Time Limits followed them across all their devices.

Time Limits

Customize how much time your family spends online by setting daily Time Limits for each family member. Plus, set individual limits for any app, Platform, or Category you want!

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Say “goodnight” and rest assured.

What if late-night surfing was a thing of the past? Imagine if both your kid and their devices shared the same BedTime. With BedTime, now even devices have to get offline.


Create a BedTime for each family member and their devices. Simply set a BedTime, when the devices will disconnect from the Internet, and an awake time, for when the devices will reconnect.

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The Internet, now designed for every age.

With Circle, you get peace of mind knowing that your kids have a connected experience that’s designed just for them — because we all know that not all content is created equal.


Pick a Filter Level from Circle’s four presets that matches each family member’s age and interests, then customize the Filter by Platform and Category.

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Send Rewards for good behavior.

When homework’s all done and the chores are finished, you can Reward your kids with extra online time! With Circle Rewards, you get to be the hero — and your kids will feel awesome after a job well done.


Give your kids a little more online screen time by bumping up the daily Time Limits, extend BedTime a little bit, or disable that OffTime you set up for after school.

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The Internet now comes with a Pause button.

The back-and-forth device debate is over. Make dinner time, family time, or “because-I-said-so” time meaningful with the tap of a finger on the Circle Pause button!


Send some offline time to the whole family, a single person, or just one device with Pause. And when you Pause someone, they’ll get a helpful notification from MyCircle that they’ve just been Paused.

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Schedule some unplugged time for the week.

Keeping up with kids’ schedules can be crazy! Plus, yelling at your family to get offline is no fun. So, schedule a weekly-recurring homework time, dinner time, chores time, and anything else with OffTime and relax!


OffTime makes it easy to schedule Internet-Free times during the day and week. Set as many as you like, and for as many of the days of the week make sense for your family. Your family’s scheduling just got smarter.

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Browse your family’s Internet habits.

How often does your kid jump into social media? Or, more importantly, how many times did you check the news today? Circle takes all your assigned devices and aggregates browsing data in one place, so you can make sense of all the scrolling, snapping, and surfing!


Scroll through an itemized, chronological list of every site visited across all devices by a family member. History makes it easy to find out just when that YouTube marathon started, how often Instagram gets opened, and more.

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Staying informed is easier than you think.

Let's be honest: You really have no idea what your kids are up to online. What if you could see what apps and platforms your kids used the most? Even better, what if you could take these insights and start a conversation with your kids?


Check out where your family spends their time online by Platform, Category and website. With Usage, you can see the total time spent online and where — either by day, week, or month!

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