How to Set Up Circle Home

Circle Home manages your family’s content & time online across all connected devices in your home. Plus, we made setup as simple and straightforward as possible!

Is your router compatible?

Start out by making sure your family Wi-Fi router is compatible with Circle Home.

Step 1: Download & Power Up

Download the Circle app, then plug your Circle Home into a wall outlet with the USB cord and charger.

Step 2: Pair Circle Home with Your Network

Open the Circle app, then follow the in-app guide to pair Circle Home with your network. You can connect Circle Home to your network over Wi-Fi or with the ethernet cord, and the app will give you step-by-step instructions along the way.

Step 3: Set Up Your Family

Now create a Profile for every member of your family, pick whether you’d like to set up a few features for their Profile, then assign their devices to them. Having trouble figuring out which device is which? Use this handy guide!

Find out which device is which

Step 4: Manage Circle from anywhere!

Now that you’re set up with the Circle mobile app, you can make changes to your Circle Home on the go, any time!

Step 5: Get Familiar with Circle Home

Wondering how to Pause the Internet? Ready to set a Time Limit? Check out these short walkthrough videos for every Circle feature!

Watch videos

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