Circle is more flexible and convenient than ever.

With Connections, Circe can team up with your favorite apps, devices, and services! Pair Circle features to everyday activities in your smart home, ask Alexa about your Circle family, Reward screen time for chores... these, and more, are all possible with Circle Connections.


Reward your kids for a job well done.

With the Chores Connection, managing your family’s chores is actually fun. We’ve made it easy to give screen time Rewards when chores are completed.

Chores Connection


Alexa, meet Circle.

The most powerful voice assistant in the world will now answer your questions about how much time your kids spend online, and lots more! It’s as easy as saying “Alexa, ask Circle when the BedTimes are?”

Assistant Connection


Unlock the possibilities.

The smart home meets the smart family. Tap into the world of connected apps on IFTTT to enable your Circle to do things we’ve never thought of.

Automation Connection

We’re always looking for more Connections.

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