Everybody in the family can use their voice to ask about their time online with the Assistant Connection. Your kids will love how easy it is to track their time online, you’ll love the balance between screen time online and family time offline.

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How to set up the Assistant Connection:

Step 1: Enable the "Circle Skill"

Open the Alexa app, search for "Circle" and then tap "Enable."

The "Circle Skill" for Alexa is only available in the US.

Step 2: Connect Your Circle

Enter the phone number associated with your Circle.

Step 3: Enter the Passcode

Once you receive a passcode via text message or the Circle app, enter the passcode and hit "Connect" to finish connecting Alexa to your Circle.

Step 4: Say hey to Alexa

To finish your set up, say "Alexa, start Circle" to one of your Amazon Alexa devices. Alexa should respond with some examples of how to use the Circle skill.

Step 5: Ask Circle some questions!

Here’s all of the cool things you can do with Alexa and your Circle.

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