T-Mobile FamilyMode™

Your guide to digital parenting.

FamilyMode Features

Create the right mix of online time and content on your family’s devices, so you can focus on what matters, together.

See the location of your family members with one tap.

Match each family member’s age and interests with online content that’s right for them. Do it once and it will apply to every device they use.

You just got a Pause button for the Internet. Pause one of your kids when it’s time for homework, or Pause everyone because it’s game night.

FamilyMode History gives parents a detailed breakdown of every site visited by a Profile across all their devices. Even see which sites were Filtered within a given time period.

Online time is important to kids, and to the parents who manage it. Use Time Limits to limit daily online time for platforms, apps, and categories with ease.

Weekly offline times that Pause a Profile on a schedule, so that kids can play, do homework, or get some plain old family time.

Schedule times during the day and week where there’s no internet with OffTime so the kids can play, do homework, and just get some plain old family time in.

Give extra online time to a family member just for the day. Bump up the Daily Time Limit, give a late BedTime, or disable an OffTime.

Compare time online today, last week, or months past for each Profile across all their devices. You can even find out where you waste the most time.

Mobile Devices

Use the FamilyMode app to manage your family's mobile phones and tablets.

FamilyMode mobile devices

Home Devices

Add the FamilyMode Home Base for laptops, video game consoles and other home devices.

FamilyMode home devices

Download the FamilyMode app and get started today!

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