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Will Circle slowdown my Wi-Fi?

Circle connects wirelessly to your home Wi-Fi and should not cause any noticeable slowdown under normal use. Some “power” users of their home network, such as those who play online games which require more network resources, may use the ethernet cable that comes in the box to connect Circle directly to their Wi-Fi router to preserve their network’s performance.

Will I have to change any settings on the Wi-Fi devices in my home?

Because Circle is connected directly to your Wi-Fi router, it is automatically able to manage any device connected to your home network without any need to change the settings or install additional software on those devices.

Will Circle require a paid subscription?

The only cost for Circle is the one-time price for the device itself. There is no additional subscription fee to use Circle in your home.

What devices does Circle work with?

Circle is able to manage any device in your home that uses the home Wi-Fi to go online, whether it be iOS, Android, Microsoft, a smart home device, or anything else. Setup and management of Circle’s settings requires an iOS device running iOS 9 or later or Android device running 4.2 or later.

What ages is Circle designed for?

People of any age could find something useful in what Circle has to offer--content filtering, time management, insights, you name it. However, Circle is primarily built as a parenting tool for families with children in the 6-16 age range.


How much does it cost?

Circle costs $99, and there are no subscription costs for using Circle to manage your home network.

Where do I order?

For U.S. orders: You will see a “Buy Now” button at the top of the webpage. Tap that button, and it will bring you to an order form that you can use to get your Circle online. Circle is also available at the retail stores listed on this page.

For international orders: Find out where Circle is available around the world.

What exactly will I get when I buy Circle?

When you buy a Circle, you receive the Circle device, a power cord and plug, and an ethernet cable to preserve network performance if necessary.

Additionally, each family member with their own distinct profile will have access to MyCircle, their own personal Circle dashboard and content feed. Here, they can view important Circle settings, as well as receive age-appropriate content from our partners at Disney.

Is Circle available internationally?

Yes! Circle is available in various countries around the world. Here's where you can see our list of where Circle is available.

Does Circle ship internationally from

Currently, orders placed on will only be shipping domestically in the United States.


Is Circle a Wi-Fi router?

Circle pairs with your existing Wi-Fi router in order to give you a simpler, more intuitive way to manage your home network. It is not a router itself.

Can my kids turn the Circle device off?

It is possible to turn off Circle, but we designed it with enterprising kids in mind.


Do I need to install software on each device in my home?

Circle pairs directly with your Wi-Fi router, and as such, no software is required on your device for Circle to manage it. The only required download is an iOS or Android app that you use to setup and manage Circle in your home.

Returns & Warranty

What is your return policy?

We want to ensure that every Circle out there is a useful addition to the home. In the event that you have accidentally purchased a defective Circle, we want to help you get a new, properly functioning one quickly. Please contact to get set up with a new Circle.

Is there a warranty?

Circle offers a one (1) year limited manufacturer warranty.


I’m a retailer or distributor interested in Circle. What are the next steps?

We would love to speak with you more about partnering with Circle. Send a brief overview of what you have in mind to

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