Filter Content

Set online content Filters that match each family member’s age and interests.

Easy age presets.

Filter Levels default to a helpful set of Platforms and Categories by age. From there, you can easily and quickly customize the Filter for each member your family.

Apps & Platforms

Circle also allows you to easily Filter popular apps and Platforms. Each Filter Level defaults to the most popular ones for that age group.

Let Circle do the heavy lifting.

Circle takes a massive database of websites and apps and fits them into easy-to-understand Categories. You can relax, because Circle’s got your back!

Internet à la carte.

Circle allows you to set custom Filters for individual sites. You can add a site to the Filter list, or allow it even when the Category is turned off.

Block ads.

Yes, Circle can block ads. If you never want to see an ad again, enable Ad Blocking in your Filter settings! Just like that, and ads won’t ever make it onto your devices.

Search the web with confidence.

Circle can trigger Google Safe Search, so inappropriate sites and images won’t even show up in your search results.

Set the Filter to None.

Set a Filter Level to “None,” and Circle won’t manage any connected devices that you assign to that Profile. So, these family member won’t have to worry about Filters, Usage, Time Limits, Pause, or any other Circle feature!

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