Cookies and Tracking Technologies

Our privacy policy outlines Circle’s general approach to privacy and data protection. This policy further describes our use of tracking cookies and similar technologies on the website and in the Circle App.

Cookies and other Technologies

A cookie is a data file that is stored on your device when you use our services. Cookies help us track user-specific information and activities. For general information about cookies (including how to disable/enable them) visit here.

Circle also employs other technologies including tracking pixels and code snippets that interact with external services to record behaviors. For example, we’ve integrated SDKs into the app that allow us to better diagnose errors and bugs.

On the web we use these technologies to deliver customized ads to users that have visited our site. We also leverage analytics tracking (through Google Analytics) in an effort to better understand our visitors. You can opt-out of being included in Google Analytics here.

In the app tracking is used for three purposes:

  1. Enable email communication and in-app messaging with our customers.
    To enable periodic emails related to the product and its functionality, Circle captures your basic account information, including email address, in a third-party tool called Intercom. That tool allows us to email you with updates and information. You can always opt-out of this email communication.

  2. Provide insight into feature usage and in-app activities, like Pause or Filter
    Circle uses both Google Analytics and Intercom to track basic in-app actions. This information allows us to gauge the popularity of features and improve their functionality. It also helps our support team troubleshoot issues a customer may be experiencing. We make every effort to keep this information confidential and it is only utilized to improve our product.

  3. Track issues with the app experience, like crashes or errors
    Circle employs in-app technologies that allow us to report on crashes or other issues (including This information helps us diagnose bugs and server problems so we can improve the customer experience.


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