The Circle dashboard for kids.

The MyCircle app gives each member of the family a personalized Circle dashboard with helpful reminders about Time Limits, a BedTimes, and more. Now everybody can stay on top of their Circle limits and make the most of their time online.

Your very own dashboard.

Each family member has their own Circle settings, so they should have their own dashboard too! Their personal dashboard includes an overview of where they’ve spent time online today, a countdown for their BedTime, and what their Time Limits are.


MyCircle sends push notifications when your family members reach a Time Limit, get Paused, and more! Now, your kids will know right when to put the phone down and enjoy their offline time.


MyCircle makes it clear when the day’s fun has ended and it’s time to turn out the lights with a BedTime reminder.


Whenever a family member gets Filtered, they’ll be redirected to their MyCircle page with a friendly explanation.


MyCircle gives kids a heads-up when they’re Paused, so they can go from online time to anything-else time!

Time Limits

MyCircle gives a friendly reminder when a Time Limit is reached, so kids can stay on top of their own schedule.

Fresh content for every age!

Enjoy a wide range of Disney entertainment with MyCircle. Links, articles, photos, emojis, videos and more, and they’re all curated by real people!

Endless Scroll

Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more, MyCircle let’s you keep on scrolling to discover more and more!

Check your dashboard and keep up with push notifications, all with MyCircle for iOS and Android.

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