How Circle on NETGEAR Works

Families with a compatible NETGEAR router can now use every Circle feature right from their router!

Circle Lives on Your NETGEAR Router

Your NETGEAR router has Circle built right in! Circle on NETGEAR manages all data coming and going through your home, so your family can enjoy the good stuff online. It’s as easy as activating Circle on your router and opening the Circle app to manage your family’s devices.

We love privacy!

Circle never passes your personal information on to anybody but your family. Circle on your NETGEAR router stores all of your family settings and information locally, so nobody (not even Circle HQ) can access it.

Supported Devices

If it’s connected to your Wi-Fi, Circle can manage it. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, Smart TVs, IoT devices, smart home appliances…literally every Internet-connected device in your home!

Supported Routers

To find out which NETGEAR routers currently support Circle, check out this list:

Get Started

Do you already have a Circle-enabled NETGEAR router? Hop over to the setup page for more!


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