Circle OffTime makes it easy to schedule offline moments in advance so the kids can play, do homework, or get some good old fashioned family time.

Make time for play time.

OffTime lets you schedule offline time in advance, so kids aren’t glued to a screen. Now, “playtime” means exploring, imagining, interacting, and more!

Homework time is now just for homework.

Is YouTube making its way into your kids homework time? Not anymore with a daily afternoon OffTime!

Schedule to your heart’s content.

Want to set up one, two, or sixteen OffTimes? Have at it! You can make ’em, name ’em, or create new OffTimes from existing ones.

A gentle reminder.

If your kids try and surf the web during an OffTime, they’ll get a reminder that they’re Paused, and when the OffTime will be over.

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