Tracking Mobile Device Location

Want to check in on your kids while they're out and about? Circle makes that possible. With the Location feature, you can check on the whereabouts of your kids' Circle-enabled mobile devices wherever they go.

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Why Circle’s Mobile Device Location Feature Matters

Locating your kids’ mobile device is all about keeping them safe. Even if you trust your kids implicitly, they can still lose track of time. Having the capability to check in on them will give you peace of mind that they are where they should be. On the other side of the coin, if one of your kids is going through a rebellious phase, it’s extra important to keep tabs on them. There’s no better way to do that than tracking their smartphone and mobile devices.

The Location feature is also there to save the day when one of your kids loses their brand new iPhone and can’t remember when they had it last. You can open up the Circle app, locate it, and hopefully, celebrate when you realize it’s at a friend’s house.

The bottom line is once you’re able to track your kids’ location, you’ll never look back.

Benefits of Circle’s Mobile Device Location Feature

When you install the Circle Parental Controls app onto your kid’s mobile device, Circle's location tracking will be active at home AND when that device leaves your house. You can check in on where their mobile devices are plus what they are up to online, no matter where they go.

Knowing where all of your kids are isn’t the only thing tracking their location will do for you. There are other perks to tracking all of your kids’ mobile devices in one app.

Get back peace of mind

Have you ever had the sinking feeling that you should have heard from your kid by now? Nine times out of 10, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. But if you have their location enabled, it’s easy to make sure they are safe and exactly where they should be.

Save yourself some money

It’s hard to know when it’s the right time to give your kid a mobile device. Part of that equation is whether or not they’re responsible enough to keep track of it. They’re expensive! If your kids do lose one of their devices, the Location feature can help you track it down.

Keep parental controls in one place

Mobile device location is just one of the many features Circle Parental Controls has to offer. Website filtering capabilities, History, and Internet usage tracking will all be enforced even if your kids leave your home Wi-Fi network.

How Circle’s Mobile Device Location Works

How Circle’s Mobile Device Location Works

The idea that you can track your kids’ mobile devices sounds great, right? But how do you set it up? It’s as simple as downloading the app and enabling location. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to track any family member's iOS or Android mobile device.

Simply tap the kid's profile, then Devices, then tap "Add Mobile Device." Follow the instructions to install the Circle app on your kid’s device. Don’t forget—location only works for mobile devices that have their location services enabled.

When you select a family member’s profile from the home screen, tap “Location” from the feature list. You might have to pick from a list of multiple devices to locate the one you want.

Wait for Circle to locate the device. This can take up to a minute or two. When the device has been found, you’ll see a marker on the map. Use your finger to move around the map, and pinch to zoom. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the time when the Location was received. You can check their Location again by tapping “Refresh.”

If you think the Location feature isn’t working, here’s what you need to do.

How to make sure your kids’ locations are being tracked

  • Notifications and Location Service permissions are enabled on the device you are locating.

  • The profile Filter Level is Adult, Teen, or Kid.

  • The Circle app is installed on the device and “Set Up as Kid App” with the VPN is enabled.

  • The device is powered on and can access the Internet.

Your kids’ mobile devices will need to meet certain minimum requirements to be managed by the Circle Location feature.

What Circle’s Mobile Device Location Feature Can Do For You

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What Circle’s Mobile Device Location Feature Can Do For You

With the Location feature, you can know where everyone in your family is at all times. If there is more than one Circle-enabled mobile device assigned to this profile, you’ll be able to choose which you’d like to look up.

And if they’re somewhere they shouldn’t be, they’ll know you’re onto them. Each time you tap on Location, your kid will receive a notification that their device’s location was just pinged.

Do you have a savvy teenager who will automatically remove the app to avoid being tracked? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Kids try to remove parental controls from their devices all of the time. You can set up app deletion prevention on iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices.

If you still have trouble after double checking these items, check out our Location feature troubleshooting guide.

Always Know Where Your Kids Are With Mobile Device Location

Circle is a must-have for any parent. Besides filtering content, the location features makes it easy to monitor kids' whereabouts when they're on the go.

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