Pause the Internet™

The Internet now has a Pause button. Whether it’s time for one kid to do homework, or everybody’s getting in on game night, Circle’s got your back!

Pause everybody, or just one family member.

Everybody has a Pause button in the Circle app. Tap Pause from any Profile page and their devices won’t connect to the web.

It’s chore time!

Give your kids a distraction-free chore time by pressing Pause. Then, it’s just as easy to Unpause when they’re all done.

It’s dinner time!

Getting everyone to the dinner table can be challenging when everyone has their own device. Press Pause on the home screen and get everyone’s attention in an instant!

Even Pause by device.

Sometimes you only need to Pause one device, like the smart TV. Now you can Pause any device at any time for as long as you need.

Heads up, you’re now Paused.

Circle gives you reminders of which family members are Paused. And with MyCircle, a Pause notification will get sent to your kids’ devices, too.

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