Kids deserve a treat, so Circle lets you give your kids just that. Pick the right Reward for the situation, and send it in seconds!

Send Rewards at the touch of a button.

Homework done early? Trash taken out? Send a Reward to your kid and they’ll get a notification with the good news!

Reward your kids with more screen time.

Upgrade your kid’s daily limit, or send a Reward just for their favorite game, app, or website.

Reward your kids with a late BedTime.

Get your kid set up with a late BedTime for those once-in-a-blue-moon gaming extravaganzas!

Reward your kids by disabling OffTime.

Not every day is created equal, and sometimes that OffTime you scheduled has just got to go! With Circle Rewards, you can cancel an OffTime for the day and your usual schedule resumes right after.

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