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From Summer to School using Circle

With no school and no homework, the overwhelming feeling was FREEDOM.

We all remember those first few days of summer as a kid. With no school and no homework, the overwhelming feeling was FREEDOM. We stayed up well past our bed time, indulged in an abundance of screen time, and roamed the neighborhood as if we were running the place! Months go by, and before you know it, school is right around the corner again! The prospect of having to go to bed at a normal hour, trade iPad time for homework time, and give up all this freedom starts to creep in as the first day of school draws near.

Every parent can connect with the exhausting transition of getting kids (and let’s be honest… parents too) back into a healthy school routine.

With just a couple weeks left of summer, we have a few tips on how you can use Circle to ease your whole family back into the schooltime rhythm!

Get adjusted to a new schedule with Bedtime.

As kids, we lived for those summer nights when our parents let us stay up late to watch movies and play games. As the first day of school approaches, it’s good to adjust back to a healthy school night routine.

Use Circle to ensure kids are getting a good night’s rest by setting an earlier Bedtime for their devices.

Hit Pause for homework time.

It’s important to get off to a great start with the first few assignments of a new school year.

Get your kids ready by hitting Pause on devices at the time when they will be getting out of school. This will help kids get some much needed internet-free time and focus on their first homework assignments without getting distracted.

Dial back screen time with Time Limits.

Between video games on the iPad and Netflix marathons, it’s inevitable that kids will get some extra daily screen time over the summer.

Start to dial back that screen time before school starts by reducing the Time Limits for your family’s profiles. Your kids will be ready to balance screen time and school work with the help of Circle.

Did your kids get a smartphone this summer? It’s time for Circle Go!

With kids out and about all summer long, it’s generally a good time for kids to get their first phone. You’re able to call them home for dinner, check up on what they’re doing, and have peace of mind knowing they can call you once in awhile too. 😉

Extend all the features you love about Circle on your home network to your kid’s mobile devices, even when they’re at school or out and about with Circle Go.

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