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5 Apps to Introduce Your Kids to Coding

Introduce your kids to coding with these learning apps!

1 // Hopscotch

A wonderful app to help your child think like a programmer. The simple drag and drop method is user friendly and at any sequence or command your child can press play to check and see if the program worked the way she thought it would. Hopscotch is great for introducing little ones to the formal language of programming (it is intended for children between the ages for 8-12). Hopscotch is free to download through the iTunes store.

2 // Swifty

An app for your iPad or iPhone that introduces your child to the basics of Swift, the programming language of iOS and OS X apps. The app sends eager learners through a series of tutorials. Each tutorial, or chapter, will cost you .99 and total an affordable 2.99 for the entire library. A great app, but probably not something your child would elect to noodle around on while waiting in waiting rooms or confined in a car.

3 // Mimo

The key to Mimo is its versatility: not only can your child learn Swift—the programming language of iOS and OS X apps—but Mimeo offers lessons on HTML, JavaScript, Python, and many other important programming languages. The app, which is more tutorial than game, encourages the user to press on by offering badges and points for lesson completions. The lessons are brief and can be completed in a single ride to school or soccer practice. Mimo is probably not a great app for beginners, but if your little one has hankering for some serious coding and has already learned all she can from the simple drag and drop coding apps Mimo is a great next step. Mimo is free to download through the iTunes store.

4 // The Foos Coding 5+

The Foos Coding 5+ is simple, interactive, and fun. This is not a tutorial on coding; rather, The Foos Coding 5+ is a game built upon the logic of programming. This fun app introduces children to algorithms, sequencing, loops and other programming principles through the use of cartoonish figures and fun missions. The Foos Coding 5+ is perfect for the parent who wants to lay the ground work for more intense coding in a few years. The app is intended for children 4 and up and, because it requires no reading, works well for non-English speakers. The app is free to download through the iTunes store.

5 // Tickle

Learn to program LEGO, Star Wars BB-8, Arduino, drones, robots, connected toys, and smart home devices, all wirelessly. Tickle is the only platform that connects all your devices together so that they can interact with each other! Tickle is easy to learn, yet incredibly powerful. Peek under the hood to see your code in Swift 3.0, the world’s fastest growing programming language!

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