Tips for Parents to Manage Screen Time on Spring Break
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Tips for Parents to Manage Screen Time on Spring Break

We’re here to help you with some ideas on managing screen time this Spring Break!

Spring Break is upon us! The kids are home for a whole week, and filling out each day with new activities is easier said than done. Sure you might get a great start to the week with family outings, and scheduled playdates with friends, but after day two the urge to just give into just opening up unlimited amounts of screen time for your kids starts to creep in. Not to worry! We’re here to help you with some ideas on how to manage screen time when the kids are at home this Spring Break!

Set Time Limits
One of the easiest ways to keep screen time at a reasonable level over Spring Break is to use Circle with Disney to set some Time Limits for the various sites & apps your kids use online! The best part about this, Circle does the work of tracking that time so you no longer have to set a 5 minute alarm on your phone and insist it’s time to get off the devices. When your kids hit their limits, Circle will let them know!

Turn Completed Chores Into Screen Time
While Time Limits helps you limit your kid’s time online, Circle’s Chores Connection will help you incentivize your kids for keeping their bed made, their room clean, and for helping out around the house! Turn screen time into a form of currency with the Chore Connection!

Pause for Random Outings & Activities!
Imagine if your kids were excited when their internet gets Paused? Use Spring Break to introduce a new rhythm for when you use Circle to Pause the internet in your home. This Spring Break treat Pause as an opportunity to surprise your kids with treats like ice cream sundaes, an opportunity to announce an outing to the Zoo, or that you’re going to put on a movie and do an activity together!

Off Time for Mealtime
Set a Family Goal to keep mealtime device-free this Spring Break! You can keep everyone committed to this goal by using setting up Off Times in your Circle Home app for your family’s Lunch & Dinners for the week.

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