Circle Roundup: Volume 2
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Circle Roundup: Volume 2

Parenting in the digital age takes an online village. Here are some stories seen ‘round the web on juggling family and tech—just for you.


The Brighter Side of Screen Time Technology is a way of modern life, so how can we make the best of it when it comes to screen time for our kids? Here are four ways you can become a digital mentor to your children (spoiler: turn off Autoplay!). NPR

Start Your Summer Screen-Time Rules Now! Screen time rules can get lax over the summer so how do you keep kids engaged offline to balance things out? Here are five ways to stick to a consistent screen time plan while school’s out and beyond. Common Sense Media

One Hour of Screen Time Per Day Could Increase Obesity Risk in Children Pediatrician Jenny Radesky walks you through how to use the American Academy of Pediatrics interactive website to create a media plan that works for your family. Plus, she has great tips for modeling positive phone use. NBC Affiliate

How Bad Is Screen Time, Really? People’s No Stupid Questions series tackles the subject of screen time by enlisting two experts to answer parents’ burning questions, like how parents can monitor screen time and when kids should get their own phone. People

Is “Digital Addiction” a Real Threat to Kids? Doctors weigh in on the many facets of managing screen time for teens. Moderation is key but other insights make this one a worthy read. NY Times

How and When to Limit Kids’ Tech Use Learn about the warning signs of unhealthy tech use, resetting your kids’ screen time limits as they grow older, being a good role model when it comes to tech use and more in this balanced approach to setting screen time limits. NY Times


New Risk from Too Much Screen Time A national survey of more than 50,000 children, teens and adults finds that Americans of all ages are spending more time sitting and that’s not great news for overall health. (Check out our 60 Simple Ideas for Bringing Family Together for ways to get out and about too). Science News for Students

‘Screen Time’ Is Over Social and data scientists are rethinking their approach to studying screen time. Meet the “screenome.” Like the “genome” (or a blueprint of a person’s genetic inheritance), a person’s screenome is made up of a series of screens unique to that person’s daily media intake. NY Times

Screen Time Is Rising, Reading Is Falling, and It’s Not Young People’s Fault Our kids’ grandparents may be the ones skewing the data on how much Americans spend time reading (last year showed that we’re reading less than ever before). While Americans age 15 to 24 are gaming more there isn’t a significant increase in their time spent on the computer or on TV. But the rise in screen time among seniors may be the culprit, putting them at risk for issues like cognitive decline and unhappiness. The Washington Post

Forget Screen Time Rules—Lean In to Parenting Your Wired Child, Author Says Jordan Shapiro, author of The New Childhood, argues for fully embracing your child’s technology use so that you can better guide them into the digital age. The goal is to teach them the difference between a digital right and wrong so they can make good decisions about what they choose to watch. NPR


Children Are Getting Too Much Screen Time, But We Shouldn't Blame the Parents Dr. Jenny Radesky makes a convincing case to the tech industry to redesign healthier digital environments for kids vs. asking parents to change their kids’ behavior, citing the latest efforts to regulate the “attention economy” (including a proposed Kids and Design Safety Act from Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts). The Hill

America Is 'Decades Behind The Curve On Technology,' 2020 Candidate Andrew Yang Says Presidential candidate Andrew Yang talks about the role government in regulating screen time with his plan for a Department of the Attention Economy, which would give engineers incentive to address kids’ mental health when it comes to designing software and devices. WBUR

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