Circle Roundup: Volume 4
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Circle Roundup: Volume 4

Collection of stories from ‘round the web on juggling family and tech.


Be a Media Mentor, Not a Gatekeeper NPR
Becoming your kids’ screen time sidekick (at least once in a while) can help them make sense of what kids are reading and watching.

Keeping Your Own Screen Habits in Check NPR
The mobile tech revolution comes with its own set of unique parenting challenges. Pediatrician Jenny Radesky offers four tips to help parents stay aware of their own digital habits.


The “Goldilocks Hypothesis" of Screen Time Forbes
Video game psychologist Jamie Madigan explains the ups and downs of screen time and gaming (hint: not all are created equal).

The Importance of Play—for Kids and Adults TED Radio Hour
TED speakers delve into cross-generational play. From outdoor sports to video games, play makes us smarter and more collaborative.

Embracing Screen Time with My Daughter Wired
A father’s quest to help his daughter navigate her relationship to technology leads him to more time online. With her. And it’s great.


How Easy Is It for Your Kids to Spend Money On Games? BBC
From sports games, like FIFA, to app games and Minecraft, it can be surprisingly easy for kids to spend money without ever knowing. BBC explores this phenomenon.

Screen Time Debates Pit Parents Against Each Other The Verge
Some parents feel alone in the screen-time though they have to come up with their own screen time rules, Sound familiar? Check out those rules and learn how other parents are setting limits.

When Your Child is a Digital Addict New York Times
It can be hard for kids to move on from screen time. This article offers tips for how to best handle transition-time.

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