Circle Roundup: Volume 5
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Circle Roundup: Volume 5

A collection of stories from ‘round the web on juggling family and tech.

Kids Weigh In

Kids Talk: How Much Is Too Much Screen Time The Oregonian

The Oregonian talked with kids, ages 4 to 12, about their screen time habits and what their parents say about time spent on TV, tablets, and video games.

Kids Confront Parents About “Sharenting” NY Times

In this video op-ed, three kids talk to their parents about “sharenting”—the act of sharing too much about your kids online.

Keeping Cell Phone Use in Check Seattle Times

Solutions don’t have to be difficult. Try these doable 20+ tools and rules for curbing your family’s screen time.

What to Do About Digital Addiction NY Times

Are you wondering if your kid has an addiction problem? Here are some indicators as well as tips to end the battle over screen time.

Think Before You Post

Finding Compassion and Empathy Behind the Screen The Washington Post

Mean-spirited texts happen, but parents can help their teens think twice about what they text with these three tips.

Posting Your Kid’s Tantrum on Instagram NY Times

Psychologists Rebecca Schrag Hershberg and Daniel T. Willingham talk about the impulse and the impact of posting your kid’s tantrum on social.

Privacy Apps for Peace of Mind BBC

The BBC shines a light on tools that help parents share family photos without compromising their privacy.

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