Circle Roundup: Volume 8
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Circle Roundup: Volume 8

A collection of stories from ‘round the web on juggling family and tech.

Cyber Parenting

Talking to your kids about cybersecurity Quartz
With more kids getting online than ever before, parents are teaching their kids Internet safety at earlier ages.

How to reuse old phones & iPads Study International
Reusing old tech can help teach children better screen time habits offline and prepare them for life online.

Is Screen Time Really Bad for Kids? The New York Times
An in-depth look at the debate that’s defining the next decade of raising children in the digital age.

What’s Going On Here?

11 Social Media Red Flags Parents Should Know About Common Sense Media
Whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, or the next hot app, you should be aware of what your kids are doing on social media.

How to talk about cyberbullying Verizon
Cyberbullying can take many forms, so it’s good to stay informed and have open, honest conversations with your kids about it. Make sure to take the time to identify and address problems if they might be experiencing cyberbullying.

The Future of Tech & Children

Questions for Children and Technology in 2020 Edsurge
Chip Donohue, Founding Director of the Technology in Early Childhood Center, presents key takeaways from the last decade that have shaped tech and childhood development.

Guide to Limit Kids’ Tech Use NY Times
The NYT’s comprehensive guide breaks down tech exposure by age range and gives tips and tricks on limiting its use.

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