Circle Roundup: Volume 11
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Circle Roundup: Volume 11

Noticed a surge in family screen time? Here are some tips to stay connected without disconnecting.

At this moment, screens are our most effective gateway to the world. But we have to be careful not to let them take over or else we risk becoming the dreaded Screen Zombie. We’ve gathered some of the best news from around the web, tackling screen time and other issues we’re all dealing with together.

How to Manage Screen Time

5 Podcasts on Kids & Tech Use School Library Journal
(6 min read time)

Parent-run podcasts and experts alike, this list covers everything from managing screen time to some of the tougher-to-tackle questions about kids and devices.

How to Talk to Kids About Screen Time During COVID-19 The Verge
(10 min read time)

Talking to your kids about screen time use is the best method of helping them understand what’s going on in today’s world. Check out expert advice on how to frame the conversation.

COVID-19 Social Distancing: Together Apart USA Today
(11 min read time)

Focus on positive screen time by staying connected with friends and family members.

Keeping Busy

Family-friendly Spotify for Kids TechCrunch
(6 min read time)

Spotify has launched family-friendly programming to entertain, educate, or just distract kids while you get some work around the house done.

Getting Creative with Kids While Social Distancing Pop Sugar
(7 min read time)

Here are some easy, ready-to-go ideas for keeping your kids busy (and maintaining some of your sanity!) during this time at home.

11 Real-Life Skills to Teach Kids Business Insider
(9 min read time)

Can your kid use the shirt iron? Do they know some basic first aid? What about budgeting? Teach your kids a variety of useful, everyday things while you’re at home—you never know when it could come in handy.

Life at Home

Balancing Screen Time When the Family is Stuck at Home Medical Express
(3 min read time)

Don’t become a screen time zombie! Try these tips and tricks on maintaining a balance of screen time at home while we all “shelter-in-place."

7 Ways to Cut Back on Your Screen Time BestLife
(6 min read time)

Screens can take over your life at home, so it’s important to be mindful of their use now more than ever. If you think you’re overdoing it on screens, try some of these methods to cut back.

How to Manage Your Kids’ Screen Time During Coronavirus Quartz
(10 min read time)

Take a measured approach to how you handle screen time in the home—don’t throw out all your household rules just yet.

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