What’s New with the Circle Parental Controls App
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What’s New with the Circle Parental Controls App

Shake it up with a rewards-only screen time management option and insights from optimized app views.

With cancelled summer camps and postponed vacations, it’s easy to let devices fill in the gaps. Many families have turned to devices big and small to replace those summer activities, with games, apps, and binge watching replacing the traditional summer experience. But with the Circle App’s latest update you can turn an overused app into an online treat with the tap of a button. Check out a few new Circle updates below.

Time Limits By Reward Only

You asked, we listened—you can now allow your kids access to certain apps or categories “by reward only.” This setting is a great way to turn screen time into a positive reward—allowing you to manage the time as a reward instead of giving a set time limit every day. To try it, simply navigate to an individual family’s member’s profile screen, select Time Limits, then select the app or category you wish to limit and set the Time Limit bar to “by reward only.” Once you’ve saved the setting, you can use rewards to dole out time to your kids as you see fit: finishing homework, completing a chore, or being a genuinely good kid. Extend the time limit of their favorite app, and they’ll receive the notification. When the time is up, they’ll have to earn some more with their next task. Learn more here.

Optimized History and Home Screen

The History feature now includes the web category for all visited and blocked sites so it’s even easier to understand what your kids are doing online. The Circle App home screen has also been optimized so it’s more clear when an individual family profile or device is paused.

Never Miss an App Update

Be sure to keep up with the latest app updates. If you don’t have auto updates set on your phone, be sure to download the latest iOS or Android version of the Circle Parental Controls App so you can get the most out of your screen time management. Please note the new ‘by reward only’ setting is available only for iOS at this time.

We Want to Hear From You

Your questions, comments, and suggestions help us continue to improve the Circle Parental Controls App. Thank you for being a part of the Circle community. Contact us with your thoughts any time: feedback@meetcircle.com

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