Set Time Limits

Online time is important to kids, and their parents, too. Circle helps you keep online time in check with daily Time Limits for popular platforms and categories.

Managing your kids’ favorite apps is a cinch.

Time Limits put popular Platforms like Facebook front and center. Whether your kids use the app on their phone or the site from their laptop, all activity counts towards the “Facebook” Platform on Circle!

Set a category limit and you’re done.

Games. Social Media. News. Whatever your family is interested in, Circle lets you set a Time Limit for the entire Category. We made it easy, so you can focus on what matters.

Track time across devices.

Whether on a tablet or a smartphone, Circle keeps track of how long your kids spend online across all their devices. Circle will add up the time between each device so that 1 hour actually means 1 hour!

Keep up with notifications.

Your kids don’t have to worry about being in the dark about daily limits. The MyCircle app sends handy notifications when online time is running low, so your family can make the most of their online time!

Even the kids can get involved.

Kids can view their Time Limits on the MyCircle app, so they always know how much time they have left. If they need more time, they can send you a request, and you can strike a bargain! Everybody wins with Circle.

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