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Meet Circle — Internet. Reimagined.

The new way for families to manage content and time across all devices.

Manage all of your home’s connected devices. With Circle, parents can filter content, limit screen time and set a bedtime for every device in the home.

Circle in the home
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A Circle device in a home

How it Works

Circle pairs wirelessly with your home Wi-Fi and allows you to manage every device on your network. Using the Circle app, families can create unique profiles for each family member. From here, kids will have a connected experience that is designed just for them.

Setting time limits has never been easier.

What if you never had to ask your kid to get off Facebook and start their homework ever again? Imagine if Netflix or YouTube had a time limit―no matter what device your kid was on.

Time Limits

Time Limits

Set daily time limits for each family member on any app, platform or category you want. With Time Limits you can customize how much time your kids spend on any given platform and even set a total online time for the day.

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Say “goodnight” devices.

Parents, you know the drill. Devices and bedtime don’t mix. What if late night surfing was a thing of the past? Imagine if both your kid and their device shared the same bedtime. With BedTime, now even devices have to turn in.



Create a BedTime for each family member and their devices. Simply set a BedTime, when the devices will disconnect from the Internet, and an awake time, for when the devices will reconnect.

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The web designed for every age.

What might be considered ok for one kid may not be true for another. With Circle, you as a parent can have peace of mind knowing that your kids will have a connected experience that is designed just for them.



Set individual filter levels for each family member. Circle has 4 preset age levels and allows for further customization by platform, app, and category. Choose one that matches each family member’s age and interests, filtering out all inappropriate content.

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Parenting now comes with a pause button.

Dinner time. Family time. “Cause-I-said-so” time. Whatever the case, now parents can actually pause the Internet. End the back and forth once and for all with the ability to strongly suggest (wink wink) some on-the-fly family time.

Pause the Internet

Pause the Internet

With the press of a button, you can Pause the Internet, disabling access to a specific device, individual, or the entire home.

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Staying informed is easier than you think.

Let's be honest: You really have no idea what your kids are up to online. What if you could see what apps and platforms your kids used the most? Even better, what if you could take these insights and start a conversation with your kids?



Check out where your family spends their time online―by platform, category and website. With Insights, you can see the total time spent online and where, either by day, week, or month!

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Additional Features

  • Block Ads
    Annoyed by Internet ads? Circle can block ads for any user or device.
  • Safe Search
    Safe Search defaults Google searches to remove explicit content from their results.
  • Every Device
    Whether tablet, smart phone, or gaming console, Circle knows every single device connected to your Wi-Fi.
  • Guest Devices
    Circle even recognizes when a guest joins your Wi-Fi. Their device is automatically placed in the home profile.
  • Unmanaged
    Circle also gives you the choice to not manage a device or profile through the Circle app.
  • Notifications
    Receive push notifications when a family member reaches a time limit or when a new device joins your network.
Disney + Circle

Circle provides families with Disney entertainment that parents trust and children love. You will have access to Disney videos, blogs, GIFs, memes, emojis, music, games, characters and lots more, all through MyCircle. Let's get started!

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