Monitoring Internet Usage

Do you know how much time your family spends online? Get a complete picture of their Internet use, across all devices. That way, you can make informed decisions about the amount of screen time that’s right for your family.

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Why Circle’s Internet Usage Feature Matters

You can’t be everywhere your kids are—and let’s be honest, you don’t want to be. If you’re not around your kids 24/7, how can you really track how they’re spending time online?

Their mobile devices go everywhere with them. While that’s a big help when it comes to tracking them down, it’s not great if they’re spending too much time online. The Usage feature helps parents get a full picture of how their kids are spending their time online, wherever they are.

Monitoring your kids’ usage also helps you stay ahead of potential issues. If you notice a trend of too much time spent in one category or on one website, you can put Time Limits on those. Or, if you find out they're accessing things you don't want them to, you can block that content. But until you know where their time is being spent, setting healthy limits in those areas or blocking that content isn’t in the cards.

Benefits of Circle’s Internet Usage Feature

Even with a web filter blocking inappropriate content for your kids, it’s still important to know where they’re spending their time online.

Circle tracks the time each family member spends on websites and apps, for instance, Facebook or Netflix. Then, the Usage portion of each profile displays the specific family member's information in a clear, concise way. Here’s a quick breakdown of how you can use the Usage feature:

Circle’s Usage helps your track your kids’ web history

  • View family members’ usage by day, week, or month.

  • Easily compare usage to previous days, weeks, or months.

  • View top online categories, websites, and apps used.

  • Filter any website from a family member’s profile.

Usage creates an easy way to track what your kids are doing online, so you can spot the trends, and limit the content as you see fit.

If you see one of your kids is using up all of their screen time online shopping or on social media, you can apply Time Limits to those web categories.

It’s like having a second set of eyes!

How Circle’s Usage Works

How Circle’s Usage Works

Setting up Usage is simple. Once you’ve set up your profile and assigned devices to it, open up the profile of the family member you would like to view insights for, and tap Usage. The Usage screen will load with a summary of that family member's Internet activity for the day.

View by day, week, or month

Tap the duration you’d like to view—day, week, or month. The total time online will be visible. You can go back in time for each view to compare it with the previous day, week or month.

View top categories, apps and sites

Activity is organized by category and popular apps or websites, and ordered by longest duration spent at the top so you can easily see where the most time is spent online.

View more details in a category

Start by tapping the category's name. A list of the top five sites visited for that category will be shown along with the time spent on that site.

Filter a website for a family member

In the category list view under a family member's profile, tap the website name. Tap "Set as Not Allowed". The site will now be listed under Custom Filters within the family member’s profile and they will no longer be able to access that site.

What Circle’s Usage Can Do For You

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What Circle’s Usage Can Do For You

Circle isn’t only about managing all your family’s devices. It’s also about gaining insight into how your family spends time online. Let’s take a deeper dive into how it works.

With Usage, you can see how everyone in your family is spending their time online. When you select a family member’s profile, you’ll get a quick look at how much time they’ve spent online that day in the Usage tab, separate from the rest of the family.

You can also dig in further. Usage shows you all the top apps, and categories your family has used that day. You can select categories to see the types of sites they visited the most.

For instance, if you suspect that one of your kids is eating up all of their daily screen time on social media, when you open up Usage within their profile, you'll be able to see that. Then, you can add Time Limits to those websites and apps to keep them from overdoing it.

Or, select yesterday to compare the two—the apps and categories change to reflect where time was spent that day. You can even compare months to see if parental controls are helping to manage screen time this month.

Usage Helps You Keep Your Kids Safe

With 3 daughters, social media is a huge concern. I can keep an eye on their online usage without interrogating. It makes it less of a battle to set limits.

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