3 Ways to Help Kids Spot Fake News

October 06, 2020

Digital literacy is important to raising good digital citizens.

Help kids detect false information online.

1. Spot the Signs of Clickbait

  • Headlines in ALL CAPS.
  • Accompanying images that are photoshopped.
  • A domain name ending in .co (www.nbcnews.com.co).
  • Multiple pop up and flashing banner ads.
  • Does the story include any quotes, references, or links? If not, this is a flag the information isn’t accurate.
  • Does the story make you mad? A factual article should make you feel informed, not just frustrated and angry.
  • What do legitimate news sources say? Professional fact checkers require three legitimate sources to verify information. Teach kids, especially teens, to verify information using non-partisan sources like FactCheck.org, Snopes.com, and Politifact for political news. Respected news sources adhere to a set of industry guidelines and journalistic ethics, including supporting facts, before publishing a story—steer them to your preferred news source.

2. Teach Digital Empathy

3. Use Parental Controls Like Circle