Expert Advice from a
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. David Greenfield shares how to prevent screen time from causing other parts
of our lives from becoming unbalanced or unmanageable.

What is Tech Addiction and What’s Not?

Tech addiction has become widespread among all age groups (kids to adults). Learn how to spot the signs before it becomes a problem.

Tech Addiction: Education and Treatment

Addressing the issue early and communicating proactively are key to both avoiding tech addiction and treating it.

Tips and Tactics: Why Tools Like Circle Work

Strong communication, outlined expectations, and clear boundaries can help manage screen time effectively.

People are starting to see screen use can be a problem, and they want to do something about it.


13 Tips for Teaching Device Etiquette at Home

Top tips from Dr. Greenfield for more face-to-face connection (and better sleep!)—setting time limits and tech-free zones.

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Dr. David Greenfield

| Founder and Medical Director of the Center for Internet Technology and Addiction

Recognized as one of the leading authorities on technology addiction and digital media technology abuse in the world, Dr Greenfield is renowned for his work on how the internet and digital technology impact our work and home lives.

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