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Block and limit online distractions to help your family focus on what really matters

Learn more about Circle’s easy to use web filters and screen time management features

Wondering how to block websites on your home network and on your kids’ mobile devices? Circle Parental Controls offers the most complete website blocking tool for the whole family. 

  • Set custom filters for every family member on multiple devices
  • Eliminate distractions with screen time management tools
  • Monitor web use and review Internet history
Block Websites
website blocker for routers + app
block distracting websites and apps

Set custom filters for every family member across multiple devices

In-home device and website blocker app make it easy for parents to filter at home and away

The Circle Home Plus device plugs into your existing router and is managed with the Circle Parental Controls App. The app includes pre-set filter levels for Kid, Teen, Adult, or None—all with default apps and websites blocked. Parents can easily customize website blocker and app settings.

When kids are away from the home, their mobile devices (iOS, Android, Chromebooks and Kindle Fire tablets) can be managed on any cellular, data or Wi-Fi network by installing the Circle app and setting up as a ‘kid device’. 

Block Websites

Block distracting websites with screen time management tools

Schedule distraction-free focus time, set bedtimes and give screen time rewards

Circle is more than just a great web blocker; it also provides tools like Time Limits, Focus Time, Bedtime, Pause the Internet®, and screen time Rewards to help families create healthy online habits.

All these tools help parents create a customized screen time schedule for each member of the family, so the important things like homework, practice, family time and sleep won’t suffer. Features like Focus Time make Circle the perfect website blocker for studying. 

Block Websites
simple website blocker app
block access to websites with circle app

Monitor web usage and review Internet history

Get a detailed view of where your family is spending time online

Circle’s Internet History features makes it fast and simple to see websites and apps that were visited and blocked. If you see sites that are inappropriate or consuming too much time, you can quickly add these to your list of filtered sites, or allow sites that shouldn’t be blocked.

The Internet Usage feature gives parents a complete picture of use, across all devices. This helps you make informed decisions about the amount of screen time that’s right for each family member and how you can help them stay focused. 

Block Websites

Website Blocker FAQs

There are many ways to block a website. You can change settings on your computers and mobile devices, or you can play with your router’s settings. But managing these settings is difficult and time consuming. There are also a lot of website blocker extensions, apps, software and parental control routers you could use, but none of them provide a simple and complete solution for you and your family. Circle is different because of its unique combination of in-home device and mobile app management. This gives you full control at home and away. 

Block Websites and Manage Screen Time with Circle

The best website blockers should do far more for your family than just filter websites. Circle is the most comprehensive solution for parents to filter content, manage screen time and monitor usage. Get started today with Circle to help your family create healthy online habits! 

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