Parental Wi-Fi Control Device & App for Families

Easily set up parental controls on your home Wi-Fi network with Circle Home Plus

Get universal parental controls on your Wi-Fi and mobile devices

Circle provides the most comprehensive parental control system with Wi-Fi controls for home routers and a mobile app to control mobile devices on any network.

  • Control Wi-Fi access for all devices on your network
  • Create custom content profiles for each family member
  • Screen time tools help kids focus and develop digital wellbeing
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parental wifi control device and app
parental control wifi controller

Control Wi-Fi access for all devices on your network

Circle’s Wi-Fi controller device connects to your router and automatically detects devices on your Wi-Fi. 

The Circle Home Plus device connects to your Wi-Fi router with an ethernet cable. Then, install the Circle Parental Controls app on your phone to get started. In minutes, you can detect and control any device on your network.

Your router is now a full-fledged parental control Wi-Fi router! With the Circle app, you have a Wi-Fi parental control app in the palm of your hands and can quickly set time limits, block sites and apps, and even block devices from Internet access.

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Create custom content profiles for each family member

Set custom time limits, filters and monitor usage across multiple devices for each kid—the best solution for family Wi-Fi control. 

Unlike other Wi-Fi control apps and parental control apps, Circle makes it simple to control unique profiles for each family member. The Circle app allows you to assign each device to a profile for each family member, and comes with pre-set filter levels (Kid, Teen, Adult or None). From there, you can customize what apps and websites are allowed and monitor activity. The Circle app also lets you add mobile devices to be managed anywhere - not just on your Wi-Fi network!  

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parental control content filters
screen time wifi controls

Screen time tools help kids focus and develop digital wellbeing

The best parental control Wi-Fi device enables parents with tools to set clear ground rules and create healthy habits. 

Circle is a lot more than just an app to control Wi-Fi access; we exist to help families find balance, set healthy limits and build good habits. Parents can set time limits for specific websites and apps, set focused times for studying, set bedtimes, and give screen time rewards. Circle’s screen time management and parental control solutions are the easiest and most comprehensive way to manage all your family’s connected devices—everywhere.

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Parental Control for Wi-Fi FAQs

Circle Home Plus connects to your home Wi-Fi network and allows you to manage online activity for any connected device on your home network. After you plug in the Circle device, connect it to your router, and set up the Circle app, you’ll be able to view a list of every device on your Wi-Fi network and select the ones you want to manage. 

Aura Parental Controls

Aura Parental Controls

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Manage mobile devices across all networks, from anywhere, using the Aura app.

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From social media to gaming, you can start controlling what’s happening on your Wi-Fi with Circle. Customize what apps and websites are right for each kid and keep the whole family safe online. Set healthy screen time limits and use web filtering, across your home network and any mobile device. 

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