7 Tips to Take Circle to the Next Level
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7 Tips to Take Circle to the Next Level

Setting up Circle to fit your unique family. Check out these seven tips to take Circle to the next level with your family.

If you’ve paired devices and set some limits for your family members, you’re already starting to find balance with Circle. But, you might not be aware of some of Circle's best features. Check out these seven tips to take Circle to the next level with your family.

Schedule offline time with your family.

Create an Off Time to block out an offline moment for play, homework, dinner, movie night, or any other unplugged time that you want to create for your family. You can even apply an existing Off Time to multiple family members with the tap of a button.

Browse confidently with SafeSearch.

With the flip of a switch, you can enable SafeSearch for both Google and Bing. The SafeSearch toggle is at the top of the Filter screen. Any device assigned to that Profile will only see content approved through these search engines.

Seeing some good behavior? Send an online time Reward.

Limits can be flexible with Circle’s Rewards feature. Extend a Time Limit, give a later Bedtime, or cancel an Off Time just for the current day. You can edit a Reward after you send it, if you want to make any changes.

Keep up with your family's location.

Circle can keep tabs on your family's iOS and Android devices’ location, so you can enjoy peace of mind while your kids go about their day. Just tap "Locate” from any Circle Profile where you’ve assigned a device. As a friendly reminder: Circle can only locate iOS and Android devices with the Circle App installed and set up as a Kid device. Also, notifications must be enabled on both the Parent and Kid apps in order to use the Location feature.

Keep prying eyes (and hands) out of your Circle App.

Create a unique lock pin for your Circle parental settings by opening the Circle Settings screen and tapping "Lock Code." This way, every time you launch the app on your phone, you’ll need to enter a unique passcode (or thumbprint) to get in.

Unmanaged Filters, devices, and Profiles.

Do you have devices in your family that need constant Internet access? Give any device untracked and unlimited access to the web by assigning it as Unmanaged, or setting a Profile to the "None" Filter Level.

You can also set a Platform or Category to “Unmanaged” from the Filter screen. When you do that, any content from that source will bypass your Off Times and Bedtimes set for the Profile.

Fine tune Circle's Filter with custom sites.

If you want to use a specific Filter setting for an individual site, create a Custom Filter and set it to Allowed, Not Allowed, or Unmanaged. To get started, open the Filter and tap the "Custom Filter" icon across the top of the screen.

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