Circle Best Practices: Google & Zoom
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Circle Best Practices: Google & Zoom

Make the most of distance learning and working while still balancing screen time at home

Shelter-in-place laws have the whole family at home, juggling work and school from a limited set of devices. This new reality has changed how many families are using technology throughout the day. Google and Zoom offer increasingly popular tools and platforms that allow parents to WFH and students to continue learning from remote classrooms.

If you’re trying to manage Google Classroom, Google Drive for Google Docs or Sheets, or Google Hangouts through your Circle device, you can follow these simple steps outlined by our support team. Just note that you’ll need to select Teen mode at the filter level for younger children who need access to these tools and then customize the profile level to your child’s needs.

For Zoom, the video conferencing platform turned new social gathering hotspot, there are easy steps you can take to bypass Circle filters described here.

As you navigate your new normal at home, we’ll be sharing more tips to help you manage your devices. Circle’s VP of Product Katie Mills, a parent herself, offers tips for how to create a “School” profile, exclude school-related sites from Time Limits/Homework Mode and more in Find Screen Time Balance During Quarantine in Circle Stories.

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