Staying Safe with Circle
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Staying Safe with Circle

How Circle helps keep kids safe and parents in the know.

Kids are in front of screens now more than ever and that means greater risk of being exposed to the Internet’s downsides. What can parents do to ensure kids stay safe while surfing the web without having to peer over their shoulder 24/7?

Enter Circle’s parental controls. Circle works to block inappropriate content, offers fully customizable tools to combat screen addiction, provides insight into your kids’ online activity, and creates opportunities to have critical conversations about online safety and cyberbullying.

Circle offers the most comprehensive suite of tools to help parents regain control of their family’s screen time and create a healthier relationship with digital devices.

Block inappropriate content

Circle’s Filters allow parents to block specific apps and websites, as well as entire categories of apps and websites. With the tap of a button, parents can block all their kids’ devices* from accessing inappropriate content and can take comfort knowing that their kids are viewing only parent-approved, age-appropriate content.

Help fight screen addiction

Circle’s Time Limits, Off Times, and Bedtimes help parents create healthy limits to encourage time away from screens and prevent screen addiction.

Time Limits lets parents customize each kid’s profile to set a Daily Total Time Limit and also daily limits on apps, websites, and categories. Circle notifies both parents and kids when time limits are reached via a push notification.

Off Time allows parents to carve out specific times for kids to step away from screens and enjoy IRL moments. Off Times can be customized for specific days and times, making it a powerful organization and time management tool to encourage better balance, online and off.

Bedtime helps parents set consistent lights-out times to avoid all-night Internet binges. Like Off Time, Bedtime can be set up based on weekdays and weekends.

Get real-time insights into activity

For the data-driven parent, Circle gives insights into kids’ online activity and allows parents to react and adjust settings in real-time.

Circle’s History feature provides a minute-by-minute log of a kid’s online activity. See something you don’t want your kid accessing? Simply tap to block it.

Full Circle families

Circle provides parents with an opportunity to engage with their kids in thoughtful conversations about their Internet habits, including family discussions about cyberbullying.

Every parent wants their kids to enjoy online time without fear of personal threats, harassment, or abuse. Circle sets the stage for daily conversations about Internet use and also gives parents curated resources to help navigate delicate conversations about online activity with kids of all ages.

For more information, check out Circle’s Resources.

The Circle Parental Controls app manages iOS and Android devices both in home and on the go. Circle Home Plus is required to manage all Internet-connected devices that are used in the home.

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