Want Kids to Focus Better While Distance Learning?
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Want Kids to Focus Better While Distance Learning?

Keep digital distractions at bay with Circle’s Focus Time.

Keep digital distractions at bay with Circle’s Focus Time.

It’s easy for anyone to get distracted by texting, gaming apps and social media when they’re online but kids are especially good at it. In fact, a study out of California State University-Dominguez Hills found that tweens and teens spent only about 65 percent of their study time actually doing their schoolwork. The rest of the time they were using social apps, instant messaging, texting, watching TV, listening to music, and surfing the web.

And this type of digital multitasking has side effects, including poor academic performance, increased impulsivity, and limited social development. So what can parents do to keep kids engaged and focused in school, especially when school is solely online?

Enter Focus Time. This new feature from Circle (available as a beta option in the iOS app) gives you the ability to allow access to selected apps and websites only, while blocking everything else—that means no more social media scrolling and gaming during school time. And, you can still keep tabs on their Focus Time activity from within Usage and History.

By default, Focus Time sets school-related websites as allowed, including Education, Email, Science and Technology, and Search & Reference categories, along with the Google Drive and Zoom apps. You can edit and add additional apps, sites, and categories to the Focus Time list too.

So how do you set it up? You can set up a Focus Time from within the Off Time feature.

  1. Open the Circle app and tap on the profile for which you want to add a Focus Time.

  2. Tap Off Time.

  3. Create an Off Time by selecting the desired day(s) and timeframe.

  4. Enable Focus Time, then review the default options and customize as you desire by tapping “Add more apps & websites”.

  5. Be sure to save the Off Time.

To learn more about how Focus Time works and help your kids focus better, especially during online learning, visit the Focus Time Feature Guide.

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