Digital Addiction: What It Is and How To Build Better Digital Habits

Theresa Gonzalez

August 01, 2019

Mindfully balance your kid’s screen time, so it hovers on the healthy side of the spectrum.

What Is Digital Addiction?

The Impacts of Too Much Digital Media

Children using several digital devices

Where Do Your Kids Fall on the Spectrum?

  • How much time is your child spending on the device?
  • If you set the recommended three hours a day of unplugged time outside of school hours, are they able to do it, or does it create anxiety, friction, stress, or agitation?
  • Are you noticing that they prefer to spend time with their device rather than real people?
  • Do you notice that their device intrudes on real-world situations?
Two boys playing video games

What To Do When Digital Media Gets Out of Hand

How Much Should You Limit Kids’ Media?

Girl using smartphone while brushing teeth