How to Reconnect With Your Partner by Disconnecting from Devices

February 02, 2022

Screen time and relationships don’t always mix. Create meaningful connections with these tips for powering down.

Parents are tired. We get it. The last two years have tested our limits and much still remains uncertain. Screens have provided an escape during those brief moments of solitude from our partners and our kids. But gazing at our phones or the TV, especially at mealtimes and bedtime, isn’t exactly healthy for our relationships. “Learning to manage media can save your relationship,” says Tina B. Tessina, PhD, (aka "Dr. Romance"), psychotherapist and author of Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting About the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Relationship.






Dr. Romance’s Dos and Don’ts for Reconnecting:

DO: Invite your partner to spend time with you.
DON'T: Nag, cajole, lecture or whine.
DO: Get involved with each other’s online pursuits when possible.
DON'T: Panic, stay calm. Getting upset will just push your partner further away.
DO: Clearly and calmly state what's not working for you with screen time, and invite your partner to tell you what's not working for them.
DON'T: Beg for attention: invite your partner to join you in something pleasant instead.