How Screen Time Affects Kids of Different Ages

October 14, 2020

Determining how much screen time is healthy for your kids will depend on what stage of development they’re in.

It’s the middle of the week after work, and you’re in the grocery store. Your three-year-old is melting down, but you need groceries for dinner. You guiltily hand over your phone and turn on their favorite cat-centric YouTube channel. The crying immediately stops, and the shopping trip continues in peace. There’s some version of this scenario for parents with kids in every age group.

Screen Time Effects on Preschoolers

Two children using a tablet

How Much Screen Time Is Okay for Preschoolers?


If you are allowing your toddler to watch a show or video in front of a screen, child development experts say it’s better for parents to watch alongside and interact with the kids throughout rather than use the device as a babysitter.

A boy wearing headphones and using a laptop

Screen Time Effects on Kids Ages 6+

How Much Screen Time Is Okay for Ages 6 and Up?

Screen Time Effects on Tweens and Teens

A girl listening to music on a smartphone

How Much Screen Time Is Okay for Tweens and Teenagers?

Circle Can Help Balance Screen Time