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Easily manage screen time, block apps and websites, and monitor kids’ digital habits on iOS and Android mobile devices (including Chromebooks and Kindle Fire tablets) on any network.

  • Monitor and filter Internet content at home or away
  • Customizable features help create healthy online habits 
  • Parental controls across all devices and Wi-Fi networks
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Monitor and filter Internet content at home or away

Easy to use app features make web content filtering and app blocking a breeze for parents

There are plenty of good parental control apps on the market, but in a fast-changing digital world, parents ultimately need simplicity at the end of the day.

The Circle Parental Controls App makes filtering content on your kids’ mobile devices fast and easy with preset filters that you can apply to each kid’s profile based on their age. If that doesn’t cover the content or apps you want to limit or block, Circle makes it simple to customize what’s allowed for each kid.   

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Customizable features help create healthy online habits 

Create customized profiles, set time limits, view usage and Internet history and give screen time rewards

A cell phone parental control app often has standard features to filter and block content, but the best parental control apps should empower parents with tools to create healthy digital habits.

Circle provides unique features like Time Limits, Pause the Internet®, Focus Time, Rewards, History, Usage and Location, that enable parents to create rules and understand kids’ Internet activity and app usage. These tools make it easier for parents to stay in tune with their kids, creating opportunities to have meaningful conversations about their digital wellbeing. 

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parental control device + app for routers

Parental controls across devices and Wi-Fi networks

Unique in-home device provides parents with complete control of devices on your home Wi-Fi network

One limitation of some parental control software and apps is that it only provides parents with control on mobile devices. If your kid accesses the Internet on a laptop, desktop, tablet or Smart TV at home, you might not have control over that activity. Rather than constantly watching over their shoulders, the unique Circle Home Plus device transforms your router into a Wi-Fi parental control app for your home network.

With Circle’s router parental controls app + Circle Home Plus device you can see and control Internet activity across any number of devices and networks for all members of your household. Instead of trying to juggle multiple iPhone or Android parental control apps, you just need one!

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Parental Control App FAQs

It is up to each parent to decide if they want to try to add a kid’s device discreetly, but we encourage you to have open conversations with kids about screen time and parental controls. You can learn more in our Ultimate Parental Controls Guide. With the Circle Parental Controls App, you can monitor Internet use with Usage and History features. Circle uses a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your kid’s iOS or Android device, including Chromebooks and Kindle Fire tablets.

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From social media to gaming, you can start managing your kids’ digital habits today! Customize what apps and websites are right for each kid and keep the whole family safe online. Set healthy screen time limits and use web filtering, across every mobile device, from one app.

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