The Fortnite Family Guide
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The Fortnite Family Guide

Circle families can now manage Fortnite, the internet’s newest gaming phenomenon.

Imagine an online game that’s wildly fun, totally free, and played daily by over 125 million people. Congratulations, you just thought up Fortnite*, a game that’s captured the attention of just about every man, woman, and child with a device.

Fortnite’s fast pace and high stakes are a formula for countless hours of online fun — and it’s available for free on PC, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android … So, you’ve got to be wondering, “What does Fortnite mean for my family?” That’s where we can help!

“Battle Royale” means big fun.

So what the heck is Fortnite? Fortnite Battle Royale is a frantic deathmatch that pits up to 100 players against each other. Players start a game and are dropped onto a map where they scramble for resources and search for weapons. As the map shrinks towards the center of the island, the action increases and the stakes get higher. The goal? For only one person (or team) to survive.

Playing is (mostly) free.

A big part of Fortnite’s appeal is its free-to-play (and even free-to-win) model. This means anyone and everyone can play as much as they want. But players can also buy stuff, and you’d better believe they do. While none of these items help you win, they’re fun and playful, centered around cosmetic tweaks like costumes and avatars.

Fortnite’s cartoon-inspired graphics lend well to some hilarious outfits, and gamers can’t resist shelling out cash for new ones when they drop. Upwards of $300 million is spent monthly by players to kit out their character. It might be a good idea to double check those in-app purchase settings, so your family’s gamers don’t go crazy.

How kid-friendly is it?

Because of Fortnite’s in-game chat, Common Sense Media advises parents against letting kids under 13 play this game. But, they add that “with the right controls and parental guidance, this can be a tween-friendly alternative to violent first-person shooters.” That’s because Fortnite’s playful graphics and lack of blood make it an upbeat and fun experience. You can read more parental recommendations over at Common Sense Media.

Gaming + Circle = 🏆

Ready to put Fortnite in check? Circle is at your service. Circle families can manage all the mining, building, and brawling and find a healthy balance between gaming and everything else.

As soon as your family members start playing Fortnite, you’ll see that time reflected in the Online Games Category for their Profile and the new Fortnite Platform.

Circle covers all versions of Fortnite — from consoles like Playstation, Xbox, and Switch, to Mac and PC computers, to mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android. So, when you set a daily Fortnite Time Limit for a family member, Circle enforces that limit with a running total across all their devices.

Learn more about managing new Platforms and check out the Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Fortnite from Common Sense Media.

* Fortnite is a trademark of Epic Games, Inc. This post has not been endorsed or sponsored by Epic Games; furthermore, Circle Media, Inc. and Epic Games are not affiliated.

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